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A camel

An hour or more. Departure from  the Agency.

One Day:
Departure with camel around 9am from the agency. Lunch is in the desert or in camp with a visit to the old Ksar M'hamid.
Return to center M'hamid around 17h.

One day and one night:
Departure with camel around 9am on a camel. Lunch at camp or in the desert. Night under the stars.
Back on the second day at 9am.

Several days
For example: four days with visit to Zahar dune howling (sand mountain)
6-day visit Chegaga: Mountain Great Sand Dunes of forty miles wide

4x4 Wheel drive jeep

One day:
Starts at 9am. Lunch and tour to the Oasis sacred. Back to 17h.

One night:
Departure at 15h to Chegaga. Dinner and night at the bivouac. Return the next day at 10am.

Erg Lihoudi  
Erg Tours Lihoudi (2:00h), visit Lake Iriki (one day)

Or alternative Trips for several days.

A camel drive and 4x4 wheel drive:

A day and a night:
Departure at 9am on a camel. Lunch in the desert. Evening and night at bivouac Chegaga. Back M'hamid Elghizlane 10am.
Several days
A For example (four days): 3 days camel until Chegaga.Back 4x4.
The fourth day, return to center M'hamid around 10am.


A M'hamid:
You have your car; you want to walk a little? We guide you to the center of M'hamid bivouac at the door of the desert, 3 km away. Tea, Visit Ksar M'hamid. Back to center M'hamid.

Formulas with lunch at camp; with dinner and breakfast.

Tour guide to Chegaga or Foum Zguit

** In TTC **


A camel:
-      Family Special   : One hour   15 Euros
-      One day:                    40 Euros / p
-      A day and a night:       60 Euros / p

4x4 and Bivouac Chegaga to:
-      4x4 (Land Rover type): driver, fuel:                      120 Euros
-      4x4 (Type Land Cruiser conditioning): driver, fuel:       150 Euros
-      + Night in camp (accommodation, meals and breakfast): 35 Euros / p (p 1-4)
       30 Euros / p (p 5-6)

A camel and 4x4:
-      Day camel                      40 Euros / p
-      Plus the price 4x4 Chegaga     120 or 150 Euros
-      Dinner and breakfast           35 or 30 Euros / p


-      MHamid: 5 Euros / p (single: 10 euros)
Lunch included Formula 1 or 2 persons: 15 Euros / pp; from 3 P.: 10 Euros / pp
Formulated with dinner and breakfast: 1 or 2 people: 30 E / p.; from 3 P.: 25 E / p.

-      Towards Chegaga:       50 Euros
-      Towards Fam Zguit:     120 Euros

Folklore, Barbecue: Possible to order.


These are program types. Any change is possible according to your choice.